1000 Cities: Melbourne

In February and March 2015, City of Melbourne and Pop Up Playground invited people to take part in an interactive game that changed the way they looked at the city – forever!

Using a smartphone, a blue bike from the Melbourne Bike Share program and a helmet, 1000 Cities turned the CBD into a mythical adventure where riders fought monsters, collected treasure and explored the hidden parts of the city.

1000 Cities was a game by Pop Up Playground and the City of Melbourne based on Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

  • The original flyer advertising the game.
  • Playtesters hiring their first Bike Share bike!
  • One of the monsters in the game: the vault dragon!
  • Another of the monsters: La Trobe's cottage!
  • Playtesters trying to solve a puzzle on St Kilda Road.