1000 Cities

“When you follow your bliss… doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell, author of ‘A Hero with 1000 Faces’

1000 Cities is your invitation to open doors to our city that you may have not thought were there. Using your smartphone, each game invites you to discover hidden parts of our city in an imaginative adventure designed by Pop Up Playground.

Our new 1000 Cities game is Lords of Misrule, presented by the Transformative Technologies Research Unit and the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne. It allows students, staff and visitors to explore the new ArtsWest building at the university’s Parkville campus through a narrative revolving around the “feast of fools”, a time when chaos rules and jesters hold court. Lords of Misrule will run from August 25 to September 24, kicking off during the student handover of the new building. We’ll include a link to the game when it’s live!

The original 1000 Cities game ran in February and March 2015, and was commissioned by the City of Melbourne. It took you on a hero’s journey around Greater Melbourne using routes designed to work with the Melbourne Bike Share program. Players sought out spirit guides, battled with monsters and collected treasures on a quest to defeat a great evil.